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Arrow.png Deemo's collection Vol. 2

xiV20animaLa PromesseThe Beautiful MoonlightLa Promesse54319805111120xi1155436804989431859183.5Deemo 2.0 - Xi - Anima

La Promesse

The Beautiful Moonlight
Difficulty Easy LV5 Normal LV9 Hard LV11 Extra LV xi
Notes 431 805 1120 1155
Difficulty (Reborn/6K) Easy LV- Normal LV- Hard LV-
Notes (Reborn/6K) 436 804 989
Difficulty (Reborn VR) Easy LV- Hard LV-
Notes (Reborn VR) 431 859
BPM 183.5


  • To unlock ANiMA, after the tree height reaches 47m, return to balcony with telescope. There is a scroll on the ground next to the entrance. Tapping on it will trigger a dialogue about showing a musical score to Deemo and unlock ANiMA.


  • "Anima" is Latin and Italian for "soul". It is also the name of a Jungian archetype.
  • With almost 3 million views, this is the most viewed song composed specifically for a Rayark game.
  • At the bottom of the cover art, there is a musical symbol meaning "repeat".
  • This is the first song with Normal difficulty of level 9.
  • This song used to have Lv10 for Hard difficulty. However, it was changed to Lv11. This is because the community generally agreed that this song was the hardest song in the game, even harder than Myosotis, which has its Hard difficulty listed as Lv11.
  • This song is also featured in the "Alice" pack of Cytus II.