The Attic is a location to the right of the Piano Room


Attic (1.5 update)

Elements Edit

  • Selecting the doll, candelabra, the painting (before reaching 20m Tree Height) or the Masked Lady triggers dialogue.
  • Selecting under the table will trigger the number 25.040854, the co-ordinate Northing of National Taiwan University Hospital.
  • Selecting the windows multiple times triggers a short piano song (1.5 update).
  • After reaching 20m Tree Height, selecting the painting accesses the Downstairs room.

Unlocks Edit

Forgotten Hourglass Edit

Main article: Forgotten Hourglass

In Forgotten Hourglass playthroughs, the windowsills have a diamond-shaped decor, there are sparkling lights in the room and it is brighter than before. The candlelabra has changed to a more proper-looking one.

N LoftRoom

Attic (Forgotten Hourglass)

Unlocks Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Sometimes the sound of an EKG beeping can be heard after tapping the windows. Multiple versions of the sound is found inside the game files. There are different versions of the beep: with the piano, with a muffled conversation, with a car sound from afar, and with natural ambience.
  • Sometimes, selecting the walls triggers the dialogue: "The walls smell of disinfectant".

Attic (prior to 1.5)

  • The design of this room was altered in version 1.5. 
  • Deemo doesn't seem to appear in this room.
  • When the cat doll moves near the painting, selecting the chair will present you with the dialogues "This doll looks like a cat, And it's dirty..." or "Did the doll just blink its eyes...?", despite the doll not being there.