Book of Celia Booksprites
Book of Celia was originally an exclusive collection for Deemo ~The Last Recital~.

After update 3.4, it is available after purchasing through the app. There are 3 songs in this collection. All these songs here are composed by Eshen. Artworks are done by Siyouko.

Song Artist Easy Normal Hard BPM
Earlier Than Today Eshen12490
For Sis Eshen134136
Say Hi Eshen14566

Notes Edit

  • This collection has the least number of songs.
  • All of these songs were composed by Eshen.
  • All of the songs in this collection have the same level in Easy.
  • If a player gets an All Charming or Full Combo on any song and level, the artwork changes from Masked lady’s face being seen as whole to parts of her mask covering her face.
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