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Collaboration collection is available for free. There are 9 songs in this collection. This collection was originally titled the "Brave Frontier Selection", but was renamed in the 2.4 update to the "Collaboration Collection" as collaborations were made with other games. Artworks are done by Siyouko.

Song Artist Easy Normal Hard Extra BPM Collaboration Partner
The Story Unfolds Sdorica 2 5 7 Sdorica 180 Sdorica
Hesitant Blade Sdorica 5 8 10 118
Rayark 7th Main Theme Rayark Sound Team 'Ice & SIHanatsuka' 4 6 8
HYAKKA RYOURAN Kakumi Nishigomi 6 6 8 Taiko no Tatsujin
Knots Way NICODE. feat Romelon 479 184 Crusaders Quest
Kimi no namae no kazegafuku ZENTA 146 97 Hortensia Saga
Randall Hikoshi Hashimoto135 82 Brave Frontier
Will Hikoshi Hashimoto268 93
Land of Giants Hikoshi Hashimoto127 136
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