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Deemo2 booksprites

Deemo's collection Vol.2 is available for free on Android, and available when purchasing the game on iOS. Artworks are done by Siyouko. There are 11 songs in this collection.

Song Artist Easy Normal Hard Extra BPM Unlock conditions
Suspenseful Third Day Kaeru Underground 257 100 Unlocked after Interlude
Living In The One Edmund Fu 147 139 See Hidden Songs
Legacy switchworks 146 113 See Hidden Songs
Sunset Alex Vourtsanis 268 90 See Hidden Songs
Sakura iro no yume Baba Band 246 98 See Hidden Songs
La Promesse Cranky 558 164 See Hidden Songs
ANiMA xi 5911 xi 183.4 See Hidden Songs

EX: See Hidden Songs

The Beautiful Moonlight Mai Aoyagi 246 135 See Hidden Songs
Fluquor onoken 258 125 Unlocked after end credits
Myosotis M2U feat. Guriri & Lucy 5911 160 Unlocked after end credits
Altale Sakuzyo 4810S 90 Unlocked after end credits

EX: See Hidden Songs

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