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Deemo is the main pianist you play as. At the start of the game it is shown alone in it's piano room until the Little Girl falls from the ceiling. It reacts quickly and catches the girl, while it doesn't know much about the girl itself, Deemo promises her to help her get back home by growing the tree so it'll reach the window she originally fell from.

While not much is said about Deemo's personality, it's hinted that it's very caring and kind towards the little girl, as well as a bit carefree, as it seems to leave its books everywhere down in the Library. It's also been said that Deemo and the Masked Lady were friends long before the little girl appeared. In the left Library, Deemo sits on a stool while reading the book and it never appears in the right Attic. It is revealed at the end of the game that Deemo's name is Hans, and he died after protecting Alice (Little Girl) from an oncoming truck while crossing the street.

Deemo human

Appearance Edit

Deemo char
Deemo is a black entity of sorts. It has a long slim figure and a suit with a white bowtie along with two white dots for eyes. Deemo has a freaky and cold form. However, it is very friendly, gentle and generous. Deemo has very long and slender arms for its proportion, with lengthy, pointed fingers; this is especially shown when it is playing the piano. Deemo never shows any expression at all throughout the game, and it is always silent.


  • Deemo has an inconsistent number of fingers on each of his hands (varying from 4 to 5 digits), with there even being cases when one hand has more fingers than the other, depending on the cover art of a song, the most notable ones being "Untitled2", "Pulses", and "Metal Hypnotized".
  • In the stairway beyond the Attic, there is a medal you can tap on in which the little girl tries to read "Piano championship winner, H...", hinting at Deemo's real name prior to the end of the game.