Deemo -Last Dream- is a light novel from the collaboration between Rayark Inc. and Pony Canyon that was released on 3rd December 2015


Deemo -Last Dream-
Deemo -Last Dream-
Icon Author 木爾チレン (Kina Chiren) Label ぽにきゃんBOOKS (PonycanBooks)
Deemo -Last Dream- Title
Original Rayark Inc. Illust 硝子 (Siyouko)
Released Date 3rd Dec 2015 Price ¥1200 (Tax excluded)
Size B6 Paper Size Pages 264

Story Edit

“Never left without saying goodbye.”

A girl who lost her way and found herself in that mysterious place met “Deemo”, a man dressed completely in black. There, every time they played the piano a tree would grow taller, leading them to the “place” where the girl would have to return. And then, the “dream” that both the girl and Deemo wished for at the end is ――

Chapters Edit

  1. Prologue「Dream」
  2. 1st Movement「Wonder Tree」
  3. 0th Movement「Past」
  4. 2nd Movement「Last Dream」
  5. 2nd Movement「Eternal Dream」
  6. Final Movement「Future」
  7. Epilogue 「Deemo」


【ぽにきゃんBOOKS】小説「DEEMO -Last Dream-」トレーラー【12 3発売】

【ぽにきゃんBOOKS】小説「DEEMO -Last Dream-」トレーラー【12 3発売】


  • Alice
  • Hans
  • Mirai
  • Lucas
    • Alice and Hans' wealthy father. Died of cardiac arrest due to overwork when Alice was merely two.
  • Emma
    • Alice and Hans' mother. Two months after her husband's death, she presumably took her own life.
  • Mary
    • Emma's closest friend since childhood as well as the caretaker of Alice and Hans after their parents' death.
  • Akari
    • Hans' crush in school. Had experienced the loss of a loved one before.


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