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Deemo II Concept Video

《DEEMO II》Concept Video

《DEEMO II》Concept Video



Deemo (stylised as DEEMO) is a piano-based rhythm game created by Rayark Inc., an independent game developer in Taiwan. The game is available on mobile platforms, both iOS and Android. A sequel, Deemo II, is in development.

There are also other products in the same franchise: Deemo -Last Dream-, Deemo: The Last Recital, Deemo -Reborn-.

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Deemo II Official Website

Pre-register for Deemo II now on Google Play!

Deemo II is not available for pre-registration on the iOS App Store at this time.


Deemo 3.8.0 has been released - 3 new collections added!
Feryquitous 2 bookspritesCytus II 1 bookspritesDeemo Reborn booksprites


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  • StarKid2002

    Hello Deemo Wiki!

    I will first announce that yes, I have moved my account from Kht48 to this one to avoid the sheer cringe and embarrassment that I have produced over the last 7 years. I hope everyone is alive and well at home and things will slowly …

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  • Kht48

    Deemo 3.2 Review!!

    February 16, 2018 by Kht48

    Hey guys! So Deemo 3.2 has been out for a while now, and all I can say is : OH.MY.GOD. They legit went all out on this update, and made some really damn good chapters with some hard and challenging charts. However, I want to pick apart each chapter …

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  • Jaryu18128

    With 3.2 coming out and the pages starting to coming in, we're now faced with the same problem as the 3.0 update: new collections coming in the middle of the song set.

    Before I start adding the collection pages/waiting for people to move all the coll…

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