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Deemo (stylised as DEEMO) is a piano-based rhythm game created by Rayark Inc., an independent game developer in Taiwan. The game is available on mobile platforms, both iOS and Android. A sequel, Deemo II, is in development.

There are also other products in the same franchise: Deemo -Last Dream-, Deemo: The Last Recital, Deemo -Reborn-.

Latest News

Deemo -Reborn- is now available for iOS and Android!

Deemo II Official Website

Pre-register for Deemo II now on Google Play!

Deemo II is not available for pre-registration on the iOS App Store at this time.

Deemo The Movie Official Website


Deemo 4.0 has been released - 3 new collections added!
Sakuzyo2 booksprites.pngXi booksprites.pngTaiko booksprites.png

New update for Deemo -Reborn- - 3 new collections added!
*Update applies to the Steam and mobile version only.
Deemo Reborn Greatest Hits Vol.1.png    Deemo Reborn Greatest Hits Vol.2.png    Taiko booksprites.png

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Jmakxdd Jmakxdd 15 days ago

Not Editing

Hi all. As you may know there are currently no editors in this wiki except me, so I will stop editing this wiki until someone decides to help me with it. Thank you for your understanding.

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Jmakxdd Jmakxdd 15 June

DEEMO -Reborn- Wiki Implementation

Hi all! As you may know, most admins are inactive from this wiki except me now, which will require me a lot of time to edit this wiki by just doing this all by myself. Currently, I have the wiki templates set up already, and I have the total note co…

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StarKid2002 StarKid2002 23 April 2020

NEW ACCOUNT + Discussing Deemo 2

Hello Deemo Wiki!

I will first announce that yes, I have moved my account from Kht48 to this one to avoid the sheer cringe and embarrassment that I have produced over the last 7 years. I hope everyone is alive and well at home and things will slowly …

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