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Elements are objects that are interactive in Deemo. They further the storyline of the game by placing clues throughout the game.

Elements currently appear in the Piano Room, Library, Attic, Balcony, and Basement and may unlock hidden songs.

Interacting with Deemo in any room will always receive "..." as an response.

Dialogue triggered by elements in the Piano Room(the Tree, the Little Girl , and the Piano) and the Attic(the Candler, the Little Girl , and the Masked lady) may also vary depending on the height of the tree.

Upon reaching a tree height of 20.000 m (Progress will stop temporarily), the painting in the Attic can be tapped on to unlock the "Where It Goes " cutscene and gain access to the Basement .

Some elements can unlock hidden songs. If they are tapped, the 'Get New Song' image appears and the element fades away, most of the time. These can be:

  • Under the Library table
  • Broken Glass
  • Vase
  • Ship's Steering Wheel
  • Various Scrolls and Papers