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L: The Upper collection is available after purchasing through the app. There are 5 songs in this collection. This collection features 5 songs from Chapter L of Cytus.

Song Artist Easy Normal Hard BPM
L6: Lunatic ICE 4 7 9 76-80
L7: Legion ICE 5 8 10 75-90
L8: Lost ICE 4 7 9 65-85
L9: Lament ICE 3 8 9 60-85
L10: Largo ICE 3 6 9 60

Trivia Edit

  • The note count for each difficulties of each song ends with the song's number; i.e. L6's note counts end with 6, L7's note counts end with 7, etc.
  • gaQdan, who was in charge of the arrangements in Implosion, was responsible for the orchestral arrangements.
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