The Library can be accessed from the left door in the Piano Room.




  • The Store used to be accessible by selecting the open book or the Masked Lady (prior to 2.0). 
  • Selecting the water lamp releases the bubble and open up social media links to Facebook and Twitter. 
  • Selecting the golden tree accesses Google Play/ Game Centre. 
  • Selecting the left bookshelf opens the list of unlocked Memories. Doing so used to trigger dialogue (prior to 1.5).
  • Selecting the left section of the right bookshelf opens the list of unlocked Moments.
  • Selecting the stool, bonsai, book stacks or note pinned on the right wall will trigger speech. 
  • Selecting the right section of the right bookshelf triggers the number 121.518549, the co-ordinate Easting of National Taiwan University Hospital. 

Unlocks Edit

  • Tapping under the table unlocks Invite
  • Selecting the treasure chest unlocks Run Go Run after reaching 4m Tree Height. 

Forgotten Hourglass Edit

Main article: Forgotten Hourglass

In Forgotten Hourglass playthroughs, part of the tree is visible within the library and the room is noticeably brighter.

N room 01 3a

Library (Forgotten Hourglass)

Unlocks Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Selecting the book stack occasionally triggers "dprsd... frctr...??" or "intrcrbrl... hmrrhg...?", which likely mean Depressed Fracture and Intracerebral Haemorrhage respectively. This hints at the accident Alice and Hans were involved in which catalysed the storyline, similar to the hint in the Downstairs room.