The Light Orb system was introduced in the 2.0 update. Its purpose is to accelerate playthroughs by quickening the process of Tree growth to assist players in reaching the ending of the game quicker than previously. The system was greatly improved in the 3.0 update to include Staircase progression.

Mechanics Edit

2.0 Edit

  • Clearing a song has a chance to produce a light orb in any of the following locations: Piano Room, Second Floor or Balcony.
  • A maximum of three orbs may be produced in each location.
  • Selecting a light orb increases Tree Height by 0.100m.

3.0 Edit

  • System still applies on Main Story playthrough onwards.
  • Clearing a song produces a light orb in each of the following locations: Piano Room, Basement, Second Floor, Balcony and Top Floor.
  • A maximum of three orbs may be produced in each location.
  • Orbs are produced in inaccessible locations as well. They may be selected after the location becomes accessible.
  • Having access to multiple locations allows you to select multiple orbs for each song cleared.
  • Selecting a light orb increases Tree Height by 0.650m or Staircase Height by 10%.
  • The system is active throughout all playthroughs.

Notes Edit

  • The Light Orb system is only available in Deemo and is not available in Deemo: The Last Recital.
  • In version 2.0, the maximum tree growth attainable at any instant from Light Orbs alone is 0.900 m: $ \text{0.100 m/orb}\times\text{3 orbs/room}\times\text{3 rooms} $.
  • In version 3.0:
    • The maximum tree growth is 9.750 m.
    • The maximum staircase progression is 150% (completes it immediately with enough light orbs).
  • If the Tree Height does not increase after a Light Orb is selected, it indicates that a Memory is scheduled to play. Selecting more orbs at this time does not make a difference. Clearing a song plays the Memory and resumes tree growth.
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