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Nmst booksprites

N.M.S.T. collection is available after purchasing through the app. There are 5 songs in this collection. Artworks are done by DD.

Song Artist Easy Normal Hard BPM
Farewell 3R2 1 4 6 80
Winter (Deemo ver.) 3R2 2 5 7 134
Fluffie Partie N.M.S.T. 3 7 8 130
Snowflakes N.M.S.T. 3 6 9 174
kouyou Ice 3 7 10 170

Notes Edit

  • N.M.S.T. is a collaboration project between ICE and 3R2.
  • N.M.S.T. stands for Neko.Mimi.Sho.Ta.
    • The reasoning behind this is that 3R2 is a Nekomimi and ICE is a shota-con.
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