The Piano Room is the central room that appears after the title screen. It houses a piano and has two doors: left leading to the Library and right leading to the Attic


See also: Tree
  • Any room with a piano in it also contains a Play button. This room is the first of such.
  • As part of the story, a Tree grows from the top of the piano in this room. This tree grows gradually and its appearance changes at certain height levels. By selecting the tree, one can view the tree height at the right side of the screen.
  • The piano eventually becomes enveloped by the tree at 30m onwards, where the stool changes into a thick root of the tree. Deemo is almost always seated at the piano.
  • A Light Orb appears in this room for every song cleared.

Unlocks Edit

  • Selecting the tree unlocks Pulses after reaching 15m Tree Height.
  • Selecting the scroll on the piano unlocks Living In The One after reaching 30m Tree Height.
  • Selecting the tree unlocks Ballade No.1 after reaching 15m Tree Height at play through 2.

Forgotten Hourglass Edit

Main article: Forgotten Hourglass

In Forgotten Hourglass playthroughs, the floor has the appearance of a pool of water with water lilies floating atop the surface. There is also a gem affixed onto the central wall.

Unlocks Edit

  • Selecting the scroll on the piano unlocks the Extra difficulty chart of Altale after reaching 30m Tree Height.