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RAC collection #6 is available after purchasing it through the app. There are 5 songs in this collection.

Song Artist Easy Normal Hard BPM
Ancient Rose Suu 1 5 7 160
Carnation himmel 1 5 8 118
Delusion (Yume-Maboroshi) NIKITA 4 8 10 180
Frozen Emotion XEN 2 7 9 160
Scent farhan 2 5 7 168

Trivia Edit

  • "RAC" refers to Rayark's Artist Collaboration, which is a competition where various external musicians can contribute their compositions.
  • All songs in this collection are also featured in Rayark's other rhythm game, VOEZ.
    • All songs were originally from VOEZ, except for Delusion (Yume-Maboroshi).
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