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Rayark selection Vol.1 is available after purchasing through the app. There are 6 songs in this collection. This collection is also available in DEEMO -Reborn-. Artworks are done by Siyouko. For the DEEMO -Reborn- version of this selection, click here.

Song Artist Easy Normal Hard BPM
Metal Hypnotized EARTHBOUND PAPAS 1 6 6 108
Rainy Memory Rabpit 1 2 5 135
Peach Lady Yuk-cheung Chun Trevor Lin feat. Silvia Su 2 5 9 167
Hey Boy Jerry Barnes, Katreese Barnes, Rodger Green 2 5 7 89
Pilot Rabpit 2 4 8 133
vivere la vita Sta 1 4 7 225