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Edmund FuStarting WindRun Lads RunFarewell WaltzRun Lads Run45436845911674207081046445845161Deemo Starting Wind - Edmund Fu (HQ)

Run Lads Run
Starting Wind
Edmund Fu

Farewell Waltz
Starting Wind.png
Difficulty Easy LV4 Normal LV6 Hard LV9
Notes 543 845 1167
Difficulty (Reborn/6K) Easy LV- Normal LV- Hard LV-
Notes (Reborn/6K) 420 708 1046
Difficulty (Reborn VR) Easy LV- Hard LV-
Notes (Reborn VR) 445 845
BPM 161


  • In DEEMO -Reborn-, this song is located in Deemo's Collection Vol.2, but in the mobile version of the game, this is located in Shattered Memories.