Hello Deemo Wiki!

I will first announce that yes, I have moved my account from Kht48 to this one to avoid the sheer cringe and embarrassment that I have produced over the last 7 years. I hope everyone is alive and well at home and things will slowly get better as times change.

Now, on to the main topic of this blog, DEEMO 2. 

So far, we have gotten one teaser that mixes anime and 3D modeling to produce a worn down, misty village, with a beautiful piano song backing it up.

We have also gotten this teaser image, which displays a train station, some black figures of varying sizes, and some humans (the most notable are a small child and a woman in the foreground).

With this little information, we'll have an idea of what Deemo II brings to the table (I say idea, and I'll tell why later), but many other things must be said about the second sequel made in the Rayark franchise.

#1 : How Much Does The Teaser Say About The Final Product?

I ask this question because when Cytus II was initially announced at the end of 2015, we got this teaser with some futuristic graphics and a simple title card. This was the only visual information we were given until a little over 2 years later, when this trailer came out, introducing 5 characters and providing the iconic title card that we now have in the final game. Along with that, the story this game proceeded to give was one of the most developed, intricate stories that we've ever had.

I mention this because this illustrates how time can completely change the concept of a game and create something entirely different from the initial material. Will this happen to Deemo II as well? Here are some factors to consider: Graphics, Story Usage, Scrapped Material, and Time.

For comparison, I made this chart outlining the differences in pre-game information.
Cytus II Deemo II
G: Not much info, graphics-wise, were initially revealed in the first teaser of Cytus II. Fun Fact: Pretty much everything from that teaser was scrapped from the final product. We got nothing concerning the actual game until late 2017. G: The Deemo II teaser revealed a lot of visual information about the atmosphere of the game, and already has a world built that would be hard to alter without many noticing.
SU: Cytus II utilized Vanessa within the mid-end portion of the Cytus II story. Besides that, not much else was used (arguably because there wasn't much to use), but Cytus II had a very dynamic story within itself. SU: There is a high chance of this going two ways: This focuses on one character past/post-Deemo or it's entirely different from the main story. 
SM: Cytus II actually unveiled loads of scrapped material, including an unused song and chapter logo that would have most likely been meant for Ivy/Vanessa (that content is now lost). This is most likely due to the production boost that Rayark had in 2017-2018, and the rapid growth from there. SM: Assuming that development started within the time Rayark gained in production quality, it is much less likely that we will have scrapped bits like Cytus II.
T: Cytus II was in development for at least 3 years within a period where they rapidly grew in branding and production size. This large time gap most likely led to the revisions made in Cytus II where we got a story, characters, and an entire world built. T: It is unknown how long it could take before the game releases, but given that it is around Cytus II's development time or less, it could mean less scrapped bits.

#2; The Number Of Theories We Already Have -

- Is freaking huge. Granted, this is because of how much a storyline Deemo I had, going back to the factor of Story Usage within the second game. Here are some ideas/theories that I have pulled off the comments of the Youtube video.

  1.  This is a prequel to the first game and it's about Hans' childhood. 
  2. "Deemo" is a phenomenon that is experienced where lost loved ones turn into guiding spirits.
  3. The world of Deemo II is actually a school that Alice teaches for.

Honestly, all of these could happen in this game, and there is nothing that is disproving any of them (they are potential routes, although I don't think it will happen). However, I would feel like the second theory would be a building block for what the main story is (like how pre-release info for Cytus II said that the world was on a map system, and then we got the Nodes). This is also evident in the teaser image that we have on the top.  If you go all the way to the right, there is this wide, dark gray figure that has distinguishable eyes, a nose, a top hat, and a bow tie. Deemo also had a black figure, two white eyes, and a bowtie in his design. This could potentially mean that these beings are related (along with other obscure ones you see in the background).

#3: How Will This Game Play Out Vs The Original?

With the rapid quality increase between 2010 and now, Rayark has been able to do loads of things from putting cutscenes in the gameplay, including voice actors, animating their cutscenes, etc.

With Cytus II, we got three new note types, character arcs, a fully developed storyline, etc (Cytus I had three note types (vs six) and did not have much of a story arc other than how Cytus came to be). Obviously between 2012 to 2018 (6 years), we got a massive upgrade in what we could do in game development. and We're setting up for an even larger gap with 2013 being when Deemo released, and Deemo II will most likely be released in 2021/2022 (roughly 7-8 years if lucky).  

If we are going off of the sequel system here, we can expect that the gameplay mechanics are aesthetically similar to the world atmosphere of the game. The song selection is within a world-based system vs a small database of songs (simply being a white background in this case). If anything for that second one, we could get something like Reborn where it pops out of a book and is slightly kinetic (because Deemo, no doubt has one of the best artwork displays, it's distinct). The difficulty system will most likely remain the same (this game started the 3 difficulty system, so it's not going to be phased out here), along with that 4th Extra difficulty hidden about in some games.

That's all I really have to say. Rayark Live will be held on May 2nd at 18:00(UTC +8) which means I'll probably have the follow up to this in early in the morning, if and only if we get any substantial information (if more is given about the plot, gameplay, or any new visual information or teasers). I'll see you then!

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